The Texas A&M Aggies football team has been in existence since 1894, which makes them one of the oldest college football teams in the United States. The rich football history at Texas A&M has taught them a lot about winning, and that is exactly what they do every season.

Throughout the history of the Texas A&M football program, the team has won over 60 of their games. This winning percentage has allowed the Aggies to win 693 games since 1894. While it is nice Read the rest of this entry »

Football has remained an American favorite for quite some time now. Baseball used to hold the coveted spot as America’s favorite sport, but that time has long since passed. Football is now where it is at. Everything from the Friday night high school games that are so popular in their local communities to the professionals who play on Sundays, football is everywhere.

Perhaps no area loves their football more then the state of Texas. It is a tradition in Read the rest of this entry »

As one of the up-and-coming teams in NCAA football, the Houston Cougars are a football team to be reckoned with whether they are playing in Conference USA, the Big East or maybe even one day the Big 12. Located in a hotbed for football talent, the Cougars have always produced some of the most exciting offensive football teams around. Going back to the record setting days of Quarterback Andre Ware or the recent brilliance of Quarterback Read the rest of this entry »

Everyone knows that a football game is not meant to be quiet and relaxed. The typical football game will be very fun and loud and the Houston Cougars fans need to know this. A team will need that extra push from the crowd to really be able to see any big difference in their performance. Men who play the sport will admit that it can be tough to play on the road because the crowd will not be in your favor. This is Read the rest of this entry »

It is hard to believe that the city of Houston didn’t have a professional football team for five years in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Houston is the fourth biggest city in the country and is the biggest city in the football crazy state of Texas. The city was crazy about their Houston Oilers until Bud Adams decided to move the team to Nashville, Tennessee in 1997 where they later became the Tennessee Titans. In 2002 the NFL decided that Houston deserved a team again and granted them an expansion Read the rest of this entry »

Football is a unique sport. It is the only professional sport that utilizes specialty players on offense and defense in a regular rotation as a game is played. Players can play both ways if needed and can be taken out and re-inserted at the coaching staff’s will, but most players are assigned a position on the depth chart, meaning that each position player has a designated backup generally.

In addition, football teams have specialty squads in the “kicking game” that play in Read the rest of this entry »

No matter where in Houston you live, no matter what your favorite team is whether it be Pop Warner or all the way up to the Professionals, football is a great activity to do with your family. There are several reasons why this is true. The first is that at a football game you are all engaged in the same thing, it gives you something to laugh, joke, and be frustrated (if they lose) about during and after creating memories for you family. You also will probably be driving to the game and from the game together Read the rest of this entry »

The Houston Texans are quickly becoming one of the most popular teams in the National Football League. The team has only been in existence for 10 years. They had some rough years in the beginning when it came to their win loss record. But, professional football has seen a resurgence in Houston in recent years as the team has begun to put a winning team on the field. The arrival of Pro Bowl quarterback has lit a fire in the Houston fan base that they haven’t experienced since the Houston Oilers left in 1997 for Tennessee. Another huge reason for the exuberance of the fan base is the location of the team. Houston is the fourth biggest city in the world. Sure,, L.A. is second biggest and doesn’t even have a team but Houston is located in Texas where football is king. When you play football in the biggest city in the biggest football state in America you are bound to build a rabid and active fan base when you put a winner on the field. This is exactly what the team has done. With their backing and their great coaching staff and GM they look to be competitive for a long time. We could be seeing a lot of sellouts in Houston in the future.